Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prepare....for PROM!!

So we all know that in these last few days of Pre-college, as you're finishing up your final projects for core classes, the number one thing on everyone's mind is.....PROM!!! Now get ready for this year's Prom theme....BEST PROM EVER!!! That's right. Instead of having merely one theme for Prom this year (lame), each TARC has been assigned a different theme. That means you guys get to choose which theme to dress up as (i.e. BEST PROM EVER)!

The themes are...

Abby: Carmen Miranda
Alex: Hell
Allie: Hawaii
Amanda: Angelina Jolie
Andrea: Catholic School Girl
Ben: Pixar
Bon: Exceptional Desserts of the Early 20th Century
Brandon: Godzilla
Brian: 70's Bar Mitzvah
Caitlin: Wild West Gold Rush
Christian: Puberty
Christine: Jersey Shore
Chris: 50's Cotillion
Dai: Safety
Dave: Canadian Lumberjack Games
Demi: Pet Store
Greg: Robot Intestines
Heather: Paleontology Culture
Jacqueline: John Deere
John: Team Edward
Kallie: IKEA
Kody: 21 Years Ahead of Its Time
Madison: Sex and the City
Marcello: Old Testament
Megan: Hipsters
Michael: Rikki Tikki Tavi
Mishka: Fighter Pilots
Morgan: HOGwild
Nick: The Renaissance
Nicole: Great Hairstyles of the Past Fifty Years
Noel: Shakira
Rachel: Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus
Rebecca: Japanese Teen Boy Heartthrobs
Ricardo: Atari
Shana: Team Jacob
Sophia: Breakfast Sandwiches
Sara: Pulp Fiction
James: OB/GYN
Alissandra: Potty Mouth
Tara: Spooky Safari

P.S. check out this cool illustration done by some cool pre-college students:

xoxoPromotions Team

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