Throughout the program, we'll be posting upcoming events here so you'll know what's happening ahead of time. Be on the lookout for more announcements and sign ups! Here's a look at the calendar for the month and the events we have planned for you. Off campus programs are listed in blue, on campus programs are in green, and workshops and other academic related trips are orange. Keep in mind that the off campus programs listed have limited space available so be thinking about which ones might interest you the most. (We'll be posting updates frequently with more detailed info about events, so keep checking back!) 
Here's what you have to look forward to (click the calendar to enlarge):

AND (stuff that wouldn't fit on the calendar): 
  • We have a Running Club that meets in the mornings at 7am every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!
  • Yoga workshops will take place every Tuesday & Thursday at 7am, and Sundays at 8am!  
  • There will be walking trips every Sunday to the Light (non-denominational, Christian church) leaving from the Commons at 12pm and getting back around 2pm!  

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
We are so excited to finally meet all of you! While you are in the process of moving in this Saturday, your future TARC's will be assisting you and helping you get situated into the Commons! Welcome to your humble abode for the next four weeks!